Q: I purchased/ or am considering purchasing a voucher that offers offers the "wine kit" for a flat rate. How does that work?

A: If you purchased a discounted voucher that offers you "the wine kit" at that price, please enter the voucher # on our site. There is no additional cost.

Q: Am I purchasing "Wine" or "Alcohol" with this wine kit?

A: No. This is a kit that gives you EVERYTHING you will need to make your OWN WINE in the comfort of your home. The wine you make WILL have alcohol in it. We supply you with everything you need to make 3 bottles of your very own alcoholic wine. You follow our step by step instructions and voila, you make your very own wine!

Q: Will the wine I make from this wine kit have alcohol in it?

A: Yes. When you follow our step by step instructions, the sugar in the grapes we send you, will turn into alcohol.

Q: How does that happen?

A: Basically, the sugar in the grapes, will "ferment" and become alcohol. Don't worry, we explain all this to you in our wine kit.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for shipping?

A: Shipping and handling is included in the $175 price for NY, and NJ, CT, RI, DE, MD, MA. Please email: Feedback@BenIshwinery.com for shipping prices to other states.

Q: Can I pick up the kit?

A: No. This offer is ONLY available to be shipped (shipping is FREE to the states listed above)

Q: When will my kit be shipped to me?

A: Because you are getting 9 lbs of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in your kit, we ship them after harvest, which is usually in October/November. Our wine maker will contact you and coordinate this with you.

Q: Why does the winemaker have to contact me?

A: We reach out to all our customers, so that we can make your wine making experience the best it can be. We will be including the name of your choice on the 3 wine labels, and will need that information from you. We want to ensure you get the kit when you are ready to begin (you are receiving 9 lbs of grapes with your kit). Our wine maker will contact you and coordinate this with you.